Troy is currently not accepting new clients.
Troy is currently not accepting new clients.

What We Can Offer

Offering Individual, Family, Couples, and Group Therapy Services For Pre-Teens, Teenagers, and Adults.

Be kind, for everyone you meet is facing a hard battle. ~Ian MacLaren

 I’m Troy Ward, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor offering services in Solon, Iowa. My passion is to help others to feel better. I love to help people to learn how their thoughts and feelings lead to their behaviors and that small changes can lead to big outcomes.

Troy Ward Licensed Mental Health Counselor

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To arrange your initial session, call Troy at 319.389.1514 or fill out the form below. Troy will get back to you promptly. He'll be glad to discuss his fees and other practical terms of his services, then schedule a time for you.

He looks forward to meeting you and working together