I’m Troy Ward, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor offering services in Solon, Iowa. I specialize in treatment of borderline personality disorder, traumatic brain injury, and other neurological issues. I also treat anxiety, depression, and caregiver fatigue/burnout. I work best with individuals who are seeking connection, insight, and tools for making meaningful changes in their lives.

I utilize DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) which combines skills based in a cognitive behavioral approach paired with mindfulness. The desired outcome from DBT is increased effectiveness and skillful behavior which leads to better outcomes in mood, emotion regulation, and interpersonal relationships.

I am passionate about helping individuals who are seeking relief, acceptance, and change in their everyday lives. My approach is person-centered and my clients are my first priority. I practice solo, outside of an agency setting– so I am able to dedicate the majority of my time and effort to serving clients’ needs.

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102 East Main Street
Solon, IA 52333

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