Stress, change, and other issues can pile up in our lives and cause great distress. The most effective intervention for dealing with these issues may vary from person to person and Troy is dedicated to helping his clients discover what works best for them.

Therapy in a one on one setting is an opportunity to share and work together collaboratively on issues you are wishing to address. Through this process, coping skills will be developed and connections with others will be explored and strengthened.

Relationships are important parts of our lives and can trigger insecurity or pain. In therapy, we will work to identify communication patterns and strengthen the relationship through openness and collaboration.

Family counseling is unique in that the whole family “unit” is treated as the client, then no individual is singled out. Issues within family dynamics. The family dynamic and patterns within it are examined in order to find areas of growth.

Mindfulness is the idea that being present in the moment leads to increased calm and satisfaction and decreased anxiety and depression. Mindfulness is integrated into most of our counselling interventions.

STEPPS (Systems Training for Emotional Predictability and Problem Solving) is a treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder. It teaches individuals about the behaviors and feelings that describe their disorder as well as skills to change behaviors and manage feelings. More information about STEPPS can be found here.



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